• Everything you need to know about your cat :)


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Hey there, im Tina, your online Vet Tech go-to when you need quick Answers about your Fluffy murder Friend.

If you are thinking about getting a cat or if you already have one and have questions about its General Health, then this Blog is for you.

Disclaimer: This Blog contains self experience opinions, aka no Bullshits.

Lets start with some basic stuff about Cats:

Cats are called Felines in Veterinary Medicine, They are Carnivorous mammals, meaning that they eat meat and they can NOT survive without it! Sorry Vegans... Cats can have very sufficient lives outside, inside or both, but indoor Cats tend to live longer and are healthier, in Fact - They can live up to 20 years if not more.

so why do indoor cats live longer you may ask, how can a cat live its whole life indoors and be healthy? well let me tell you, that cats are very territorial and solitary animals, meaning that they will be pleased if they don't have to fight another cat or animal for their marked territory, and everyone wants to have a nice cozy home where other Species feed us and clean our poop right? sounds like a boujee Life to me. There are also many other factors that limits their life span: Parasites, Immune System (not vaccinating), other animals, Cars, some hateful humans and all the Toxic Waste that can be eaten mmmmm... So if your cat reeally wants to go exploring, make sure to vaccinate, sterilise, chip, deworm and pay attention to your Neighbourhood.

Now that you know roughly about cats, let us get into Details.

- Should I adopt, buy or shelter a cat from the streets?

Its always the best option to adopt from shelters, because you will get fully vaccinated, sterilised (if +6 months old) and dewormed Cat/Kitten, adopting from streets is also a good idea, if You are willing to pay for every Examination and Vaccination that your Vet recommends, Plus you will save life! just remember to check first, if the feline already belongs to someone else or not. Im not really a Fan of buying Kittens from a Breeder, but if you really want a specific breed: Make sure to see mother and father of the Kitten, Have papers and other Documents from mothers vaccinations/Diseases And if you are paying more than my monthly salary, then you should get fully vaccinated and ready to snuggle Kitten.

- How do I get ready for my new family member and what do i need to prepare?

Well, the basic stuff: Cat Litter (if you have more than one cat at Home, always put +1 cat Litter. For Example: If you have 3 cats - put 4 Litters), Cat Toys, scratching Stuff, and make sure you don't have tricky things at home where your friend can get stuck or eat (tilted windows, small baby toys, toxic plants, air perfumes), if you do - then get rid of that plant and perfume, never leave windows open or baby toys on the floor, You can read about "How to keep my Feline safe at Home" in my another Blog.

- How do Cats Function?

So Cats sleep around 12-16 Hours a Day, Originally they used to conserve their Energy to Hunt and Kill their next Meal, but since our Royalties don't need to hunt anymore, its still their instinct to sleep so much.

Cats Have a wide field of Vision of about 200, basically theit vision is similar to a human who is color blind. They also see shades of green and blue better than any other shade (Pink, Red...), they are crepuscular animals, meaning that they are most active at dawn and dusk and they see better than us in the dark duh. They are also Very and I mean, VERY fast, they can run up to 47 km/h or 29mph, so don't even try to outrun them. They are very flexible and land (mostly) on their murder paws when they fall.

Cats are very sensitive to noise, they can hear frequencies that no human can hear, they hear better than dogs too.Cats 1, Dogs 0.

Did you know that cats only meow for humans and use only body language to communicate with other cats? well now you know how manipulated we really are...

Here are some fun Facts about Cats that you probably didn't know:

-Cats don't taste sweet

-Cats Claws are curved down, meaning that they can't climb down Trees head first

-Cats have one extra organ called "vomeronasal organ" found in the roof of the mouth that allows them to taste through the air, thats why they make those silly faces when they smell your feet.

-Some Cats love swimming (definitely not mine).

-Cats fluffy paws allows them to walk very quietly and can easily sneak up on their prey - or you!

-40 percent are left- or right pawed.

-When Cats wag their tails- RUN! it doesn't mean that they are Happy, it means the exact opposite.

-When cats rub you with their butts, it means Friendship!

-Cats hate citrus smells

-Cats love sleeping on things that smell like their owners..aww

-Cat can learn everything a 2-3 year old child can. Cats 1, Children 0.

-Cats dream like we.

and for the grand finale - a 17 year old orange cat is the Mayor of the historic district of Talkeetna, Alaska.

Now you are (almost) cat whisperer! I wish you all a pleasant day/night and check out my other Blogs if you want to know more about cats!